Brazilian Design Student Creates Renault Hybrid Supercar Concept

Don't you just love the wild imagination of young design students especially when they don't have to deal with the necessary but autoofcars2011.blogspottheless, boring practicalities of real life vehicles? Such is the case with this scaled prototype for a Renault Hybrid Supercar that comes to us from André Luiz, a young design student at FAAP in Sao Pao, Brazil. André told Auto Cars 2011 that this project won him second place in the Latin American design contest, "My First Renault". The concept behind the design was to create a three-seater supercar that would be used by Renault for demonstration purposes.

According to André, the hybrid can accommodate a professional pilot up front and two 'joy-ride' passengers behind him. As for the mechanics, it was designed to be equipped with a mid-mounted combustion engine and two electric motors in the front wheels. You can read more details about André's project below.

Auto Cars 2011 thanks André Luiz for the photos

Andre Luiz: Project "First Experience"

The project's idea is to innovate the way how velocity is brought to the user, like the Renault Spider and F1 Space concepts. It would be used by Renault in circuit shows or in the streets, and give to the public a single sensation of riding in a competition car. I took as inspiration: Lemans vehicle, the F1 R26 and, as I told before, the last decade Renault's concepts.

It's driven by a professional pilot who is placed in the front cockpit, while the 2 passengers are placed in the back cockpit, enjoying all the tactile, auditive and visual sensations that only a professional pilot had experienced before.

The car has 2 propulsion systems: in the center it has a combustion engine and it's complemented by 2 electrics engines placed in the front wheels. The batteries are placed between the pilot and the front wheels.

This Project was made for "My first Renault" contest. The participants had the follow up of the company's designers. The 1:5 scale model was developed by me and it was shown at the Renault stand during the Auto Show of São Paulo with the others finalists. This Project was the Second place.

About me:

  • Finalist of the Quatro Rodas magazine design contest in 2007.
  • Graduated in Product Design at UEMG ( University of Minas Gerais ) in 2008.
  • Worked at Underground do Brasil in 2008.
  • Finalist of the Salão de Acessórios in 2008.
  • Currently I study Mobility Design at FAAP (São Paulo-Brazil).