BMW 5-Series GT: First Official Photos 'Leak' Into the Web

Stop the press? Well, not exactly as BMW has already given us a sneak preview of the production version of the 5-Series Gran Turismo through an official video (see here), but autoofcars2011.blogspottheless, these are the first official photos of BMW's segment-confused liftback that have been prematurely leaked into the web. Not surprisingly, the production 5-Series GT's controversial exterior is virtually identical to the Geneva Show car sans a few minor details such as the restyled exterior mirrors and alloy wheels.

The interior however has been redesigned and significantly toned down compared to the concept version. It incorporates several styling elements from the latest 7-Series sedan like the driver orientated center console design and the return of the classic instrument cluster with four circular gauges.

The new 5-door 5-Series GT will make its world debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall with sales following shortly after.

Via: 5post , Source: Automobile