Opel Insignia OPC Completes 10,000km Testing Around the 'Ring

It's no secret that most automakers hone and further develop their sportiest models on Nurburgring's Nordschleife, which is considered the toughest and most demanding race track in the world. Of course, General Motors' European unit, Opel, is no exception. The German automaker said that all vehicles in its OPC lineup (VXR in the UK) complete a painstaking 10,000km (6,219 mile) testing around the 20.8km (12.9 miles) Nordschleife of the Nurburgring before they go on sale. While 'ze' Germans did not disclose any lap times, the company said that a few days ago, the Insignia OPC sedan completed its final 10,000km 'Ring challenge with no problems.

"The Insignia OPC sedan raced 487 laps for 12 days at some top speeds flawlessly. This kind of performance and quality is what we expect from all our Opel cars," said Hans Demant, Managing Director of Opel.

Over the next few days, the Insignia Sports Tourer OPC will also complete its final 10,000km testing around the Nordschleife. Both versions of the Insignia OPC boast a 325HP, 2.8-liter V6 Turbo engine as well as Opel's Adaptive 4x4 transmission with an electronic rear limited slip differential (eLSD) and purpose-built Brembo brakes. The OPC models are due to go on sale in Europe later this year.