VW Scirocco R with 265HP 2.0 TSI: Official Photos and Details

The high-performance 'R' version of the Scirocco that was previewed as a concept study at last year's Bologna Motor Show has finally been revealed in production form. The new Scirocco R is powered by a reworked version of the previous Golf GTI V's 2.0-liter engine boasting a higher pressure turbocharger as well as other modifications such as new intercooler that help boost output to 265HP and 350Nm or 258.2-lbs/ft of torque. The reason why VW chose the older generation 'EA113' four-pot over the Golf GTI VI's newer 2.0 TSI codenamed 'EA888' is said to concern the lower development costs.

VW Scirocco R - Auto Cars 2011 Expect to see the same direct-injection four-pot replacing the previous Golf R32's 250HP 3.2-liter V6 in the still under-development, Golf R sport hatch or as it may be called, R20. Not surprisingly, the 265HP 2.0 TSI is mated to a standard six-speed manual gearbox and optionally, to a twin-clutch DSG semi-automatic transmission.

Marking a departure from the other 'R' models, the hot Scirocco is not equipped with an all-wheel drive system as VW preferred to retain the coupe's front wheel drive layout. This solution helps keep the weight down to around 1,330 kg or 2,932 lbs.

According to the German firm, the Scirocco R hits the 100km/h (62mph) mark in 6.5 seconds (6.4'' with the DSG) and reaches an electronically limited top speed of 250km/h or 155mph. In comparison, the the 0-100km/h sprint times for the 2010 Golf GTI and the last Golf R32 4Motion are 6.9 seconds and 6.5 seconds respectively.

VW Scirocco R - Auto Cars 2011 Beneath the sheetmetall, Volkswagen's engineers upgraded the standard Scirocco's chassis with a lower suspension that features new dampers and springs, beefier brake discs all around measuring 345mm up front and 310mm at the back plus a new electronic XDS differential as found in the latest Golf GTI.

The mechanical upgrades are complemented by a new aero package that may be less aggressively styled than the one featured on the concept study, but autoofcars2011.blogspottheless, it does its job to distinguish the coupe from its less sportier siblings. The bodykit consists of a chunkier front bumper that houses larger air vents as well as LED daytime running lights, side skirts, new grille, roof spoiler, restyled rear bumper and smoked tail lights. The R model sits on newly designed 18-inch five-spoke rims while customers can also opt for 19-inch alloys.

VW Scirocco R - Auto Cars 2011 Inside, the hot Scirocco sports a set of front bucket seats, a three-spoke steering wheel with a flattened bottom featuring the 'R' logo, aluminum decorative trim here and there plus subtly restyled instrument dials.

The new Scirocco R is scheduled to arrive in European showrooms in the beginning of fall 2009. Sadly for U.S consumers, Volkswagen has no plans at the moment to import the sports coupe in the country.

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