First Ford Fiesta Movement Car Stolen in the U.S.

The guy pictured above with the kitsch sunglasses that we're absolutely sure you're just dying to make a comment about, is Jake Bronstein and he is the first person among the 100 Fiesta Movement agents to have his car stolen. FoMoCo confirmed Jake's story through Scott Monty, head of social media at Ford. According to Monty's twitter feed, the stolen 'hot magenta' Fiesta is equipped with a GPS homing device so unless the thief finds a way to deactivate it, it shouldn't take long for authorities to catch up with him.

But even in the rare case that the police doesn't find the car, we're willing to make a bet that Ford will have made up for the loss with all the publicity it's getting on the matter...

Twitter feeds: Jake Bronstein & Scott Monty, Via: Jalopnik