Stolen Fiesta Discovered in DC, BTW, Here's How "MacHammer" Bronstein Treats the Small Ford

According to Scott Monty, head of social media at FoMoCo, Jake Bronstein's (or as one of our readers called him, "MacHammer") Fiesta Movement was tracked down somewhere in the DC area a day after it was reported stolen. Monty said on his twitter feed that the "condition and whereabouts of suspect unknown" and that "the car hasn't been phsyically found yet." Well, guess we'll have to wait to see how this story develops. On another note, here's one of the ways that Bornstein chose to create a little buzz around the Fiesta: he put a sign on the car asking people to stand on the hood and take a snapshot...

"I find it’s almost as fun to climb on as it is climb in… probably because I don’t actually own it. Here’s the thing though, you don’t own it either. So I’d like you to get up on the hood too," says Bronstein on his site.

We're pretty much convinced that Mr Bronstein considers this idea totally cool and hip in terms of publicity and truth is, we're actually playing his game by writing this post that will not only be read by thousands of people but will also be picked up by other sites.

There's a million or so ways to achieve publicity, especially when you have a hot product like the Fiesta. Difference is that it takes time and brains to do it in way that shows class, quality and most of all, intelligence.

The easiest and less costly thing in the world is to draw attention upon yourself by being obnoxious, disrespectful, idiotic and catastrophic - something like MTV's Jackass generation. Put a Fiesta Movement car on fire, film it and you'll have a million hits on Youtube before you can say 'presto' (now don't get any ideas...). Sorry, but that's not remotely cool or trendy in our book.

If Ford really doesn't have a problem with these kind of promotional tactics, then we're glad we stayed away from the whole Fiesta Movement (or)deal.

Links: zoomdoggle , Twitter Feeds: JakeHimself & Scott Monty