Unlicensed 16-Year-Old Jumps Pool and Lands into Home with his Father's Saleen Mustang

It's the same old story, just different names, places and cars. A 16-year-old teen without a driver's license from Placentia, California decided to take his dad's Saleen Mustang for a very quick spin around the block. And when we're talking quick we mean it, as according to Placentia police Sgt. Ken Alexander, the teen was going around 85mph or 137km/h before he lost control (duh...) of the Saleen Mustang crashing into a brick wall, jumping over a pool (!!!) and ending up into the family room of a neighboring house.

Unfortunately the teen learned a very harsh lesson from the crash as he suffered multiple injuries, including a broken leg, ankle and back. Luckily, even though the family was inside the home at the time of the incident, no one was injured.

Via: OCRegister