Audi R7 Concept Study: CGI Designer Creates Uber Cool Porsche Panamera-Like Sports Sedan

We don't know if the VW Group's takeover of Porsche will eventually lead to a Panamera spin-off, but if Audi does gets the green light to develop such a model, Gabriel Rhabi's R7 design study would be a really great point to start from. The French artist has captured the essence of the brand's design DNA creating a sporty four-door sedan that is clearly recognizable as an Audi yet refreshing in a first-generation TT sort of way.

Maybe even more importantly, Rhabi avoided any concept-style gimmicks as the design is totally acceptable for a production version.

This isn't the first time we've hosted a conceptual proposal from the talented French designer who has a thing for the brand with the four rings. You'll be surprised to know that, despite the amazing quality of his work, Rhabi isn't a professional car designer but a CGI artist, video game and graphical software programmer with a passion for anything on four-wheels.

Merci for the photos Gabriel! - You can see more of Rhabi's work here