Citroen DS Revolte Concept: Official Photos of 2CV Inspired Hatch

A complete set of photos of Citroen's Frankfurt motorshow-bound concept car have leaked online. As you can see from the images, the prototype model bears the name 'Revolte' while the signature logo on the bonnet suggests that the car is part of Citroen's newly formed DS line-up that includes the recently announced DS3 premium supermini. While we don't have the details behind the DS Revolte, the vehicle's design that draws on the iconic 2CV implies that it could be previewing a sub-DS3 model.

Despite the 2CV styling cues that include details such as the fabric top that covers the whole length of the roof and the curvy front and rear ends, the Revolte boasts a more athletic and aggressive design than the classic Citroen, which is more than welcome, of course.

Other highlights include the 'suicide' rear doors and the overly futuristic interior with the alien spaceship-like dashboard. Expect to hear more about the Revolte in the next few days.