Opel / Vauxhall Dresses New Astra in Police Livery

The new Astra isn't due to go on sale in Europe until this winter but GM UK Special Vehicles has already introduced a police package for the compact hatch. Vauxhall, which sold more than 900 police Astras in the UK last year, said that it usually takes around six months after launch to bring such a vehicle to the market, but because the hatch is (also) produced in the UK, GM Special Vehicles' engineers were able to speed up the development phase.

Police departments throughout the UK will be able choose from three 'high visibility' livery options -half, three-quarter or full. In addition to the graphics, the police-spec Astras are equipped with LED lightbars that available in three different widths, while all PTT (Push-to-talk) 999 and at-scene functions have been incorporated into the steering wheel.

Furthermore, the police Astra can be ordered with all communication equipment already installed along with a large 8.4-inch mobile data terminal screen incorporated into the dashboard.