2012 Hyundai Veloster: First Spy Shots of Hyundai's CR-X-esque Small FWD Coupe

A South Korean forum member has posted these spy shots of what clearly looks like the production version of Hyundai's hotly anticipated Veloster that will in some way replace the Tiburon, aptly known as the Coupe in Europe and other markets.

There are only two shots of the car, but from what we can tell, it appears that Hyundai Motor America's CEO John Krafcik wasn't exaggerating when he told Inside Line this past summer that the production model will look 70-80 per cent like the 2007 Veloster Concept.

The small front-wheel drive coupe, which has been described by Krafcik as a "4-passenger Honda CR-X", is scheduled to go on sale at Hyundai's dealerships alongside the larger and more expensive rear-wheel drive Genesis Coupe before the end of 2011.

Krafcik has revealed that the production model, which may very well retain the Veloster nameplate, will be powered by a new 1.6-liter four cylinder engine with direct injection pushing out 140 hp. It is expected that the base model will return over 40 mpg US (5.8lt/100km or 48mpg UK).

There's a strong possibility that Hyundai may also offer the Veloster with either a turbocharged variant of the 1.6L engine or the firm's 2.0-liter GDI petrol that develops 198HP in the new Sonata. Europeans could also get a diesel version of the Veloster.

Source: Boabedream , Via: Hyundaiblog