New Honda Beat: Next-Generation Kei Roadster Speculated

Remember the original Beat, Honda's pint-sized, two-seater roadster with the mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout of the 1990s? Well, Japan's Best Car magazine is doing what it does best by speculating on the return of the Beat in Honda's car range.

Our knowledge of the Japanese language is non-existent so we can't share any details from the article (any help would be hugely appreciated) but we assume from the side air-vents that the design proposal is for a rear-engined roadster - something like the poor man's Porsche.

We don't know if the rendering / story is based on actual inside information or pure speculation, but it would be interesting to hear your say about whether or not a model like this could be successful in markets outside Japan in today's world of downsizing and greener cars.

Via: Best Car

HIGH-RES PHOTO GALLERY HONDA BEAT (click picture to open)