Hummer HB Compact Off Roader Design Concept

Truth to be said, no one knows what the future beholds for Hummer now that GM sold the brand to a little-known Chinese company called Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Co. But that hasn't deterred independent designers like Andrus Ciprian from envisioning future products for Hummer.

In keeping with the downsizing theme of the industry, the Romanian designer's proposal is an extremely compact off-roader called the HB that features almost no front and rear overhangs, a high road clearance and huge tires.

The designer says that the Hummer HB adopts a body-on-frame construction with power being provided by a biofuel capable V6 engine.

There are two versions of the HB, one with a smaller windscreen split into three sections and an array of cameras that relay video to the driver through screens, and another with a conventional windscreen and additional lights on the roof, designed for the more serious off-roader.

Designer: Andrus Ciprian , Via: Diseno-art