New Skoda Superb Fastback Design Concept

With Volkswagen and Audi both featuring what marketers and advertising agencies like to call "four-door coupe" models in their range (the Passat CC and A5 Sportback respectively), one wonders why the German group hasn't added a similar model to their more mainstream brands, Seat and Skoda.

Czech architect and designer Pavel Hrubyi decided to take matters in his own hands (or so to speak) and draw a four-door coupe, sportback, fastback or whatever else you would like to call it, proposal for the Skoda brand based on the firm's range-topping Superb saloon.

Hrubyi completely redesigned the Superb II from the B-column and back adding a more rakish roofline and getting rid of the production model's frumpy rear end with the dual opening boot lid.

Even though it's just a drawing, the end result looks quite promising. Maybe the folks over at Skoda should take a look at this.

Photos: Pavel Hrubyi , Via: Autodesign&styling