Spyker Searching for a Partner to Build Modern-Day SAAB 92

Saab's automobile range may be expanded in the near future with a new small car inspired by the Swedish firm's teardrop-shaped 92 model of the 1950s if the company's CEO Victor Muller gets his way.

In a telephone interview with Bloomberg, Muller revealed that his company is in talks with automakers to share technology and a platform for the modern-day 92 or in Saab's current lingo, the 9-2.

While Muller declined to say with whom he's been negotiating, the owner of Spyker Cars NV said that the new 9-2 would keep the teardrop-shape of the original model that was in production between 1949 and 1956.

"Discussions are already ongoing," said Muller. "That will be on my plate for the next 100 days."

If Saab's boss manages to close a deal with an automaker, we'll probably have to wait another two to three years to see the final production version of the Swedish firm's retro-answer to BMW's MINI and Fiat's 500.

Via: Bloomberg

Photo Gallery of Original Saab 92