VIDEO: Drunk Driver Simply Refuses to Stop, "Crashes" Serbian Parliament!

It may look like a commercial for the Citroen C5, but it's not. What you see going on here in this amateur video is an unbelievable incident that took place (literally) in front of the Serbian parliamentary building.

It all started when a middle-aged man (evidently intoxicated) drove his Citroen C5 on the opposite side of the road. A police officer attempted to stop the driver by opening the door of his car and talk some reason into him.

At first, it looked like the police man succeeded and that the driver was willing to make a 'U' turn and stop on the other side of the road, but he didn't...

What he did do is drive the car across the steps leading to the entrance of the Serbian parliamentary building and -as if nothing happened- leave it at the parking lot! Watch the video after the jump.