Chevrolet Cobalt Coupe Concept by David Cardoso

In sedan form, the Chevrolet Cobalt will soon be replaced in the U.S. by the not-so-new for most readers, Cruze, which was formally introduced in production guise at the 2008 Paris Show, and went on sale shortly after in numerous markets around the world aside from the States. But what about the Cobalt Coupe? Will we see GM presenting a successor to the two-door version of the compact model?

It's very likely as in a recent webchat on GM's Reinvention site, Mark Reuss, the man in charge of the automaker's core North American operations, strongly suggested that a coupe variant of the Cruze could be on the horizon.

And while most of us would assume that a coupe model would basically translate to a reshaped Cruze with two-doors less and perhaps a sportier roofline and other unique styling cues, independent designer David Cardoso has a different idea in mind.

Cardoso, who you may remember from the sporty-looking 2012 VW New Beetle study, sent us these photos of a standalone coupe model that continues the use of the Cobalt nameplate.

His design proposal mixes elements from Chevy's new styling language up front as seen on the Cruze and Aveo RS Concept with a Corvette-like rear end. In our opinion, the design study would look better with a lower roof (along with the extension of the front window panes to the same level as the rear windows) and pillar-less doors. Click on the photos for a larger view and tell us what you think.

All Photos Courtesy of David Cardoso