BMW Drops First Official Photo of Megacity EV, Enters Production in 2013

[Updated] We've known for a long time that BMW is developing an advanced, electrically driven model currently known as the Megacity, but today the German automaker released the first official teaser photo of the city car. Granted, the rendering doesn't reveal the Megacity in full detail, but it gives us an idea of what to expect when the car enters production in 2013.

We're still short on details but we do know that the base model shown in this rendering will be a four-seater powered by a rear-mounted electric motor that draws its juice from a set of batteries. BMW has also revealed that the production version of the Megacity will make extensive use of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP).

If you follow the jump, you can see pictures of an experimental vehicle platform made from CFRP undergoing various tests at BMW's development center. We'll keep you updated on any additional information we receive.


BMW Experimental Vehicle Platform