List with the Top 10 Most Congested Western European Cities

After compiling a list with the 10 most congested cities and freeways in North America, Navteq, a provider of maps, traffic and location data, is back with a similar survey, this time regarding Western Europe. The list is based on a mix of criteria, including the greatest rush hour delay, and is comprised of cities with more than one million inhabitants.

And the winners or shall we say the...losers are:

Top 10 Most Congested Western European Cities

1. London

2. Paris

3. Dublin

4. Berlin

5. Stockholm

6. Hamburg

7. Manchester

8. Lyon

9. Vienna

10. Marseilles

According to Navteq, aside from traffic incidents, time of day and weather, traffic is also influenced by constant factors, such as topographical circumstances, structure of public transportation and the way population and working places are dispersed throughout a given urban area.

“These circumstances and many others intersect with time to produce traffic”, says Andreas Erwig, Director, Navteq Traffic Europe. “Because the fascinating complexity of traffic is that it's not only about movement from here to there, but from now to then”.

By Csaba Daradics

Source: Navteq