VIDEO: BMW Vision EfficientDynamics “Spied” in Abu Dhabi

As previously reported, BMW has officially green-lighted a production version of the Vision ED plug-in hybrid sports car. So, it was only a matter of time before new information on the eco-friendly model would surface online. First we saw some pictures hit the Teamspeed forum, followed by this here video, but we’re not entirely convinced that both are part of a lucky scoop.

The quality of the photos lead us to think that we’re dealing with a viral and the fact that no one on BMW’s police-escorted crew noticed that their photo shoot is being recorded in an empty race track in Abu Dhabi doesn’t seem likely. Nevertheless, this is more proof that the Bavarian maker is ramping for an official presentation, probably due at a major international auto show this year, with a production model following in 2013.

The Abu Dhabi video is available below, along with two more clips, one showing how the Vision ED’s – allegedly named i8 in some reports – hybrid powertrain works and a new commercial featuring the same car.

By Csaba Daradics

Via: E90post