Hyundai Genesis V8 Sedan Caught Unmasked

We’re going to agree 100% with the description that our fellow Autobloger Chris Skunk gave in his article for the production version spy pics of the Hyundai Genesis V8 Sedan: a cross between a Lexus LS and a BMW 5-Series sedan. Look at the shape of the headlights and tail-lamps or the lines of the trunk for example. It’s as if Hyundai’s designers took the original Genesis prototype (click here) that was previewed at the New York Show last April and ingrained it with several doses of Lexus and BMW. -Continued after the jump

But on the other hand, when you take in consideration that the rear-wheel-drive Genesis Sedan will be equipped with a 300+ Hp V8 engine at a price starting well under $30,000 (approx. €20,500), we think that the imitative design will be the last thing that buyers will notice.

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