Mustardo: Ford Mustang Equipped With Lamborghini Gallardo V10!

If this isn't the weirdest Mustang you've ever seen, then please don't hesitate to tell what is... The Tractorri Lamborghini Mustang, or Mustardo, as we decided to call it, made its appearance at the 2007 SEMA Show earlier this month. John Haugh of Cleveland, Ohio built this custom creation starting off with a new Lamborghini Gallardo and a new Mustang - somebody better hold us cause we're about to turn red...

Underneath its modified Ford Mustang body, the Mustardo is equipped with the Gallardo's mid-engined all-wheel drive powertrain meaning that this creation gets a 520 HP V10 engine and sequential shifting transmission! -Continued after the jump

The rear end of the car has been designed to imitate the Gallardo and it features a huge honeycomb mesh venting which allows us to get a peek of the Mustardo's hardware. Amazingly, Haugh also completely redecorated the interior to look like the Gallardo's cabin.

According to the guys at 'The Mustang News', Haugh plans to drive the Mustardo regularly.

Source: themustangnews