Pre-Orders for Nissan GT-R In Japan Exceed 2,200 Units

Japanese enthusiasts have been blown away by the all-new GT-R as in less than two months since Nissan started accepting pre-orders, 2,282 buyers have signed in for the 473 Hp AWD Coupe, exceeding by a factor of 11 the planned monthly sales total. The GT-R will go on sale in Japan on December 6th. In the States, the GT-R will arrive in June 2008 with a base price of $71,900 (details here).

Breaking down the pre-orders for the new GT-R, Nissan reveals that 60% of the buyers are under 50 years old with the most popular grade series being the Premium edition and the most popular color being Pearl White (27% of all orders) ) with 70% of vehicles being either the 370GT Type S or Type SP grades. -Continued after the jump

But the GT-R isn’t Nissan’s only success in Japan as the all-new Skyline coupe (Infiniti G37 Coupe in the U.S.), which went on sale October 2nd has received more than 2,400 orders against a planned monthly sales total of 200 units.

"It is encouraging to see that Japanese customers have been inspired by these new sports cars from Nissan," said Kaji Yoshimitsu, Marketing Director for Skyline and GT-R. "Nissan is a company with a long heritage of building passionate cars for enthusiasts, and we see the GT-R and Skyline Coupe bringing those customers back to the showroom," continued Yoshimitsu.