Which European Car Would You Like To See In The USA?

Although today’s question is quite simple, we’re certain that we’re going to get a vast range of answers. It’s very logical of course since there are hundreds of European models that don’t come on this side of the Atlantic. Europeans -or anyone for that matter, can take part in this discussion too; which cars do you think that Americans should have a chance to drive?

To help kick off the conversation, here are a few European models that I’ve driven and believe would make plenty of American car nuts, happy: Ford Focus ST, Alfa Romeo 147 GTA, BMW 330d (turbo-diesel), Renault Clio RS and Skoda Octavia5 RS. You can also include upcoming models like the Citroen C5 II or the Fiat 500. Tell us what you think by leaving a comment. (Image: Carscoop)