10 Best Selling Cars and Trucks in the U.S. in April 2009

Not surprisingly, U.S. auto sales continued their downfall in April with a 37.4 percent decrease over the same month a year ago. What is surprising is that despite all the talk in the States about downsizing, hybrids and fuel efficient vehicles in general, large pickup trucks like the Ford F-Series, Chevy Silverado and Dodge Ram continue to dominate the top spots in the list with the best selling vehicles in the country.

The F-Series and the Silverado took second and third place respectively, surpassed only by the Honda Accord. The Japanese automaker's Civic took fourth place followed by Toyota's Camry and Corolla models. Ford's recently updated Fusion finished in the seventh place, above the Dodge Ram truck and Chevy's Impala and Malibu.

Best Selling Cars and Trucks in April 2009

  • Honda Accord: 29,212
  • F-Series: 28,757
  • Chevy Silverado: 26,437
  • Honda Civic: 26,252
  • Toyota Camry: 25,324
  • Toyota Corolla: 18,534
  • Ford Fusion: 18,321
  • Dodge Ram: 17,903
  • Chevy Impala: 17,532
  • Chevy Malibu: 14,665

Via: Kicking Tires