Seat Ibiza ECOMOTIVE Sets World Fuel-Saving Record of 2.9lt/100km - 81.1MPG

We're always a bit wary of these fuel-saving records as the outcome always depends on a number of factors that include besides the car, the driver, condition of the roads, speed, traffic, weather etc., but whatev. According to VW Group's Spanish subsidiary, a Seat Ibiza ECOMOTIVE that's powered by an 80HP 1.4-liter diesel engine set a new record in its segment by covering a distance of 1,562 km or 971 miles on a single tank of fuel (45.53lt), resulting in an average consumption figure of 2.9 l/100 km or the U.S. equivalent of 81.1mpg.

Behind the steering wheel of the Ibiza ECOMOTIVE was Austrian long-haul specialist Gerhard Plattner who drove out of the Martorell facilities near Barcelona last Monday 27 April, after both the bonnet and the fuel tank filling mouth had been sealed. Plattner drove across Spain, France and Germany with the trip ending at the town of Göttingen, in lower Saxony, Germany.

Seat said that at some points along the way on motorways in Spain and France, Plattner brought the Ibiza up to cruising speeds of 110 km/h or 68mph- yes, that's not the kind of guy you'd like being behind in a one-lane country road.