Opel Insignia Tops the Charts in Europe, Over 100,000 Orders in the First Quarter

While in their home turf, General Motors as well as Ford and Chrysler are taking a beating from Japanese automakers in the sedan segments, across the pond, GM's Opel Insignia has topped the charts in the first quarter of the year surpassing all competition in the mid-size sedan category in Europe. According to Opel, more than 100,000 orders have been received for the Insignia that was crowned Europe's "Car of the Year 2009".

To keep up with demand, Opel has decided to add another three extra shifts at its Rüsselsheim plant in Germany in May.

"The Insignia is showing very good conquest potential, all the way to customers of classic premium brands," says Alain Visser, Vice President Opel at General Motors Europe. "It is a symbol of our performance and ability – it shows what Opel can do."

Unfortunately for GM, the American automaker's economic woes may lead the German brand to the hands of Fiat by the end of the year.