2011 Pontiac Firebird Trans AM by ASC: New Camaro-Based Proposal

Pontiac's days may be numbered as General Motors plans to phase out the historic brand by the end of 2010, but that hasn't dampened ASC Creative Services' attempts to make a Trans Am version out of the all-new Chevy Camaro coupe. ASC has worked many times with General Motors in the past helping out in the creation and design development of cars like the 1987 Buick GNX, various Chevy SS models such as the HHR SS and Malibu SS, as well as the Cadillac STS-V and XLR-V sport cars just to mention a few.

2011 Pontiac Trans AM  - Auto Cars 2011The design and development firm's proposal for a Camaro-based Pontiac Trans Am is a fairly simply conversion that could easily lead to a custom-order production model. The changes include a new front fascia complete with unique head lights, twin-kidney grill inserts and restyled apron, a rear-facing hood shaker, new side skirts and alloy wheel designs plus rear-fender air vents. At the back the design proposes a new rear fascia with distinctive tail lights, boot spoiler and a specific apron housing new exhaust pipes.

While we don't have any photos of the interior, we gather that ASC would most likely limit the changes to the trim and seat options along with a revised instrument panel.

There's no information ASC's actual intentions on the car, but if you're really interested, you can send a mail to dave.byron (at) ascglobal.com for more information.

Via: DUB & eGMcartech

2011 Pontiac Trans AM - Auto Cars 2011
2011 Pontiac Trans AM - Auto Cars 2011