Lexus Officially Confirms World Premier of LF-A Supercar for 2009 Tokyo Motor Show

The good news is that Lexus just announced that along with the Japanese market debut of the LF-Ch compact-premium hybrid concept, the firm's Tokyo Motor Show stand will also play host to the world premiere of a "revolutionary two-seater supercar", in other words the LF-A. The bad news is that Lexus did not release any photos or information on the long-anticipated V10-powered supercar that is said to compete price- and performance-wise with no less than the Ferrari 458 Italia and other exotic models.

Furthermore, it has yet to be confirmed if the maker will reveal the final production version of the LF-A or if Lexus will follow the example of Toyota and its FT-86 RWD compact sports coupe and Honda with the CR-Z hybrid coupe, introducing a thinly disguised concept model.