VIDEO: Swedes Test Drive 2011 Volvo S60 Sedan Prototype with Automatic Braking System

The next-generation Volvo S60, which is based on the 2009 Detroit Show concept, won't be launched onto the market until summer of 2010, but the folks over at Sweden's Teknikensvarld magazine were invited by Volvo to Copenhagen, Denmark to check out a prototype version fitted with firm's new "Automatic Braking System". As you may have already guessed, the test vehicle was slathered in cladding, so don't expect to get a preview of the car.

What we do get to see are some details of the interior and of course, a taste of the "Automatic Braking System" - Volvo's next generation of preventive safety technology that detects pedestrians who have walked into the roadway and automatically avoid collisions at speeds under 25 km/h (16mph) if the driver does not react in time.

Once the system detects the pedestrians, it warns the driver through a series of audio and visual alerts on the windscreen's head-up display. Volvo says that if the driver does not respond to the warnings and the system assesses that a collision is about to happen, then it automatically applies the car's brakes with full braking power.

Hat tip to Bobby from Bilfeber! Source: Teknikensvarld