Porsche to Reward Employees with €1,100 Bonus This Year

A bonus is a bonus, a nice surprise whatever the amount, especially during these hard times for those working in the auto industry. In spite of the difficult economy situation, Porsche announced that it will share the profits from its core business unit with its full-time employees that began working for the company before August 1, 2008. The workers will receive a special bonus of €1,100 (about $1,630 at today's exchange rates) for the 2008-2009 fiscal year that finished on July 31st.

That's compared to a bonus of €3,700 in 2007 and €3,800 in 2008 - not including special payments that were made in both occasions.

Porsche said that the bonus will be transferred along with monthly salary payments at the end of October while the company will also transfer a complete 13th month wage as a Christmas bonus along with the standard monthly wage payments for its employees at the end of November.