Ferrari 458 Italia, is that You Hiding Under the Camouflage?

According to the dictionary, "camouflage" is defined as "the disguising of people, equipment, and installations by painting or covering them to make them blend in with their surroundings". Clearly that's not the case with this vinyl wrapped Ferrari 458 Italia that stands out more than a obese man walking on the street with high heels, ankle bracelets and a Peggy Bundy wig.

But seriously now, the military-style 458 Italia was created by a German company called Cam Shaft that specializes in vinyl wraps offering buyers all sorts of choices in colors and patterns including a more discreet matte white finish (see pictures below).

And if you're wondering how it's done -the wrapping- click here to watch a video of a Ferrari F430 receiving a matte black vinyl treatment.

Link: Cam Shaft