Opel Teases New Concept Car with Volt Powertrain Ahead of 2010 Geneva Motor Show

It's been a while since we last saw a concept model from GM's Opel / Vauxhall brands, but the company is planning a 'green' surprise for this year's edition of the Geneva Motor Show in the beginning of March.

Opel said that the new concept car "couples expressive, beautiful design with German engineering to meet the environmental challenges of tomorrow" and that the study "is proof that size and comfort do not have to be sacrificed for a vehicle to be environmentally efficiency."

Other than that, all we have to go on for now is this teaser image that shows the concept's front grille and incorporates the 'Voltec' logo, meaning that the study makes use of the Volt's plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Earlier this week, Opel / Vauxhall boss Nick Reilly revealed that GM's European unit is planning to launch an extended-range electric vehicle in addition to the Ampera (a.k.a. the European Volt) in the very near future, so the new concept will most likely give us an idea of what the car will be.

The new concept model will be escorted in Geneva by the new Meriva small MPV, the Ampera and the updated Corsa supermini.