Lamborghini Gallardo-Based / Powered Ford Mustang is up for Sale!

Remember the custom made Ford Mustang with the Lamborghini Gallardo heart and mechanicals from the 2007 SEMA show? Well, this bizarre mishmash that has been baptized 'The Tractorri' (feel free to call it the Mustardo) has been listed for sale for an undisclosed price on Jameslist.

The Tractorri was built by one John Haugh from Cleveland, Ohio, who spent a whole lot of time and cash to marry the body of a 2007 Ford Mustang coupe to the mechanicals - including the 520HP 5.0-liter V10 engine that's mounted behind the front seats, E-gear sequential automatic transmission and all-wheel drive system- of a Gallardo.

The fabricator even went as far as to create a custom interior that mimics the design of the exotic Lamborghini supercar!

If you're interested for a price quote, check out the site here.

Source: Jameslist , Via: Jalopnik

Seller's Description:

The crown jewel of our private collection: The Tractorri. The short version? This is a body-in-white '07 Mustang shell with the mechanicals from a Lamborghini Gallardo underneath. From the ABS to the AWD to the E-gear transmission everything works.

The long version adds two more Mustangs for parts, thousands of hours of labor and enough one-off parts to make most show cars blush. Oh, and our president drives it around--he put over 1500 miles on it this summer alone! Built and maintained by our own Rick Roush this is a werewolf in wolf's clothing! Check out the pictures for now and we'll have a full description of the build and show history up shortly!