UK Dealer Breaks Guinness Record for Largest Parade of Alfa Romeos [Updated Gallery]

To celebrate Alfa Romeo's 100th birthday, one of the Italian firm's UK dealers, Allams Alfa Romeo in Espom Surrey, attempted to set a new Guinness World Record for the largest ever parade of the brands cars this past weekend. To break the record, a minimum of 200 cars were required to take part in the two-mile drive.

Alfa Romeo owners responded to the dealer's call and on Sunday 7th February, a total of 312 cars including an Alfa SZ Coupe and a Spider 2000 Veloce, arrived at the Epsom dealership shattering the previous record.

Several drivers came from a long way to participate in the event with one owner, David Boyd, from Bathgate, West Lothian, driving a whopping 862 miles or close to 1,400km to join in with the record-breaking two-mile ride.

Karen Finn, Customer Care & Marketing Manager at Allams, who organized the event, said: "The huge display of these beautiful and sporting cars is the perfect way to celebrate the Alfa Romeo centenary year."

In order for the record to become official, the parade of cars needed to be continuously moving from start to finish with no more than two cars length between each vehicle at any given time.

To help with the verification of the record, video cameras were positioned along the route.

According to the organizers of the parade, Guinness World Record officials will validate the record in the coming weeks.