Honda Launches Insight and Civic Sedan Hybrid Taxis in Europe

Most, if not all taxis on the other side of the pond run on diesel or LPG, but Honda believes it might be able to convince some European cabbies to try out its Insight and Civic mild-hybrid models. Both cars come in appropriate exterior colors and are equipped with pre-installed roof brackets and a mounting for the taxi-meter on the dashboard as well as some other special equipment such as heavy duty floor mats.

In the European driving cycle, the Insight achieves a combined fuel rating of 4.4 lt/100km (53.5 mpg US) while the Civic Hybrid, 4.9 lt /100km (48 mpg US).

Prices in Germany start from €15,990 for the Insight and from €17,990 for the Civic Hybrid (about US$22,000 and $24,700 at today's exchange rates) with Honda offering upon request, a warranty extension to 3 years or 300,000km, whichever comes first.