SPIED: New Pagani C9 Shows Off its Gullwing Doors in South Africa

It's a small world indeed. The next generation of the Italian boutique supercar, the Pagani C9, was caught on film during a pit stop at a gas station in South Africa. Looking a bit like a modern interpretation of the Batmobile, the lightly camouflaged prototype was fitted with a pair of eye-catching yellow stickers that say "Government Approved Highspeed Testing Vehicle".

There are two things that stand out on the Pagani test car. First and foremost, the gullwing style doors and second, the more curvalicious body surfaces of the Zonda's replacement.

From what we understand, the C9 will be powered by a new 6.0-liter bi-turbocharged V12 developed once again by Mercedes-Benz's AMG division. It is said that the twelve-cylinder engine will produce somewhere around 700 horsepower and over 1,000 Nm or 738 lb-ft of peak torque.

Horacio Pagani's latest supercar is expected to debut this fall with annual production to be limited as usual to double digit numbers at a price that very few people in this will ever be able to afford.