New Toyota Auris HSD with Prius Hybrid Drivetrain Revealed in Production Guise

Along with the redesigned RAV-4 SUV and the revamped Auris, Toyota's presentation at next month's Geneva Salon will also included the world premiere of the showroom-ready, full hybrid Auris HSD that was first teased through a concept model at last year's Frankfurt Motor Show.

Programmed to be added to the European Auris line-up in July, the HSD will be Toyota's first hybrid model to be built in Europe at the firm's Burnaston factory in the UK.

The Japanese automaker is still keeping details of the powertrain under wraps, but from what we know, the Auris HSD will share the same gasoline-electric hybrid drivetrain as the third-generation Prius.

The latter is fitted with a 98HP 1.8 liter Atkinson cycle four-cylinder gasoline engine coupled to an electric motor that give it an overall rating of 134 horsepower.

And like the Prius hybrid, the Auris HSD will have the ability to run on battery power alone in zero-emissions mode.

The Auris HSD is based on the freshly facelifted version of the conventionally-powered Auris hatchbacks that will also have their first public outing at the Geneva Show next month.

The styling of the production model is less fancy than the concept, with the HSD featuring new bumpers with flat corners and a different grille than the petrol/diesel-only Auris models.