Infiniti to Premiere an All-New Production Model in Geneva - Could it be the EV?

Along with today's announcement on the world premiere of the diesel-powered versions of the EX and FX SUVs, Infiniti also revealed that it will use the Geneva Motor Show to stage the global reveal of an all new production model. However the Japanese automaker did not give out any specific details.

To our knowledge, Infiniti has currently green-lighted two all-new models for production : it's own version of the new Nissan Patrol luxury SUV, the 2011 QX, and a fully-electric four-seat model that was announced by Nissan President and CEO, Carlos Ghosn, at last year's Tokyo Motor Show in October.

Then again it may be a different model altogether, one we have never heard of before from Infiniti officials. Unless the Japanese firm teases us with some new information and / or a picture, we'll have to wait until the Geneva Show opening on March 2 to find out.