Abarth Takes to the Seas with Special Racing Powerboat Equipped with Three 350HP V8 Engines

Sure, Fiat's rejuvenated motorsport and tuning division is all about cars, but form time to time Abarth likes to extends its reach on other sports also, even if it's only for promotional reasons. The brand with the Scorpion logo has now teamed up with boatmaker Sacs and designer Christian Grande to create the Powershore Abarth SP (Sport Prototype). Based on the Sacs Strider 12S, the racing powerboat is propelled by three 350HP Yamaha V8 outboard engines, specially built for this version.

The powerboat has also been adorned with Abarth racing graphics from the deck to the interior, driving seats, stowage compartments, controls and dashboard.

Powershore Abarth SP - Technical specifications

Length ft: 12.30 m

Width ft: 3.64 m

Propeller draft: 0.7 m

Fuel tank capacity: 900 l

Water tank capacity: 120 l

Wastewater tank capacity: 51 l

Weight with engines: approx. 5.7 t

Sleeps: 2

Engines: 3 x 350 hp Yamaha

V8 – 350 engine - Technical specifications

Power (HP)

Displacement: 5330 cc

Cylinders: V8 (60°)

Valve gear: 32 valves DOCH

Timing: VCT (Variable camshaft timing)

Fuel system: electronic injection (Multi-Point EFI)

Weight: 365 Kg