VIDEO: Lamborghini Reventon Roadster Promo Tells us What Are the Chances of Owning One

You would assume that anybody with basic math skills could probably figure out what the chances are of owing one of the 20 (more or less) Lamborghini Reventon Roadster models that are destined for production. However, we must say that this promotional film, which was created by the German agency Philipp und Keuntje for the Frankfurt Motor Show, somewhat confused us.

Bypassing all the other stats mentioned in the ad, it is claimed that the chances of owning the €1,1 million Italian special is 1 in 700,000,000.

Okay, so world's total population is approximately 6,8 billion (not that it matters, but we also learned that there are about 134 million babies born every year).

If we're not making a humiliating blunder, shouldn't it be 1 in 340,000,000? That is, unless Lamborghini is planning to limit total production of the topless Reventon to around 10 examples or the film is talking about the number of vehicles available for sale excluding those spoken for.

Well, either way, someone (yes that is me) spent way too much time on a promo film that to be completely honest, is nothing special, to say the least.