Lorinser Presents Two Design Studies for Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gullwing

It's only been a week since Mercedes-Benz showed the kinky SLS AMG to the public for the first time in Frankfurt, but the tuning industry is already working on the development of various cosmetic and performance packages for the gullwing-supercar. One of the first tuners to release details for its SLS AMG plans is Lorinser. The Mercedes-Benz specialist published teaser renderings of two different styling packages that the company is currently considering for production.

The first design study is more in line with Lorinser's usual offerings. The somewhat aggressive aero kit includes an unpainted carbon-fiber hood, a front-apron with a pair of lights on each side, a new grille with the firm's family crest replacing Merc's three-point star (yes, we could all live without that) and side skirts.

The retro-inspired wire-spoke alloy wheels that appear to look pretty cool and fender eyebrows that hark back to the original 300SL along with various other carbon-fiber tidbits complete the package.

The second proposal, which looks better in our books, takes a more subtle approach paying homage to the original Gullwing model with fender eyebrows, twin humps on the hood and double air-vents on the sides. There's also a new front apron and different side skirts as well as wire-spoke alloy wheels.

Lorinser said that it has yet to decide if it will go ahead and produce a small-batch of either of the two studies.