Buick Avant Project: Six Official Design Proposals for a Small Premium Model

Downsizing seems to be the name of the game these days - or at least segment-wise and in theory if you consider the fact that, for example, at 3,721mm / 146.5'' in length, the first gen VW Golf is significantly smaller than today's 3,970mm / 156.3'' long VW Polo, let alone the Golf VI... But anyhow. GM released a bunch of design proposals for a small premium Buick model developed under the project name 'Avant'.

All-in-all, the automaker's designers came up with six different exterior themes ranging from a MINI-style three-door hatchback to a '350Z-esque' coupe as well as four interior concepts as proposals.

GM's team said that while the company hasn't arrived at a final solution yet for a small Buick, it hopes that "it's onto something".

Via: GM Labs