2009 Alfa Romeo Mi.To – Official Images?

One of our readers gave us a tip earlier today concerning a batch of pint-sized pictures allegedly featuring Alfa’s new compact mini hatch. While those images were too small to allow any secure assumptions, our research led us to three larger versions of the same pictures, which seem pretty official in our opinion. We also verified that the “Mi.To” nameplate you see in the car is indeed the name that Alfa Romeo chose for its MINI contender that was widely known as the “Junior”.

Apart from the fact that the “Mi.To” looks as sexy as you’d expect from a car bearing the Alfa Romeo badge, we also know that it is based on a modified version of the Fiat Grande Punto platform and that it will be available with a variety of engines, from an entry-level 95Hp unit (Fiat’s 1.4-liter 16v) to a 230Hp turbo version for the GTA. All models will be equipped with a standard 6-speed gearbox while an automatic transmission being offered optionally. We’ll have more on this developing story later on. -Thanks for the tip Miguel! - One more picture after the jump