Skoda Produces Two-Millionth Octavia

It took Skoda 12 years and two generations to produce its two-millionth Octavia model. The milestone-marking vehicle, a silver Octavia Scout 2.0 TDI, was produced today at the Czech carmaker’s home plant in Vrchlab√≠. The first generation Octavia, based on the VW Golf, was launched into the market in 1996. In 2004, Skoda presented the second-generation model but since the older model was still popular with customers, the company keeps producing it under the Octavia Tour mark.

The production of Octavia Tour is located in Vrchlab√≠ with assembly points in Skoda’s plants in India, Russia, Kazakhstan, the Ukraine and Bosnia. Since 2007, the vehicle has been manufactured in China under a license production arrangement. The Skoda Octavia is called Laura in India and Ming Rui in China. -Continued

Altogether the Company has produced 1,315,000 first-generation Octavias and 685,000 second-generation Octavias since the market launch in 2004. Skoda delivered 72,529 Octavia Tour vehicles and 237,422 Octavias in 2007.