Audi Group Reports More Successful Fiscal Year Ever

The 2007 fiscal year proved the most successful in Audi’s history as the German luxury carmaker achieved record figures for production, vehicle sales, revenue and profit. “We’re looking back on the most successful fiscal year in the history of our company: We have achieved the twelfth consecutive record year for vehicle sales and we were able to increase all of the key financial figures to new record levels – we call that qualitative growth, since only profitable growth can secure our competitiveness in the long term,” said Rupert Stadler, Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG.

According to Audi’s official data, the company saw its sales revenue for the 2007 fiscal year record a new high of €33,617 million (€31,142) – an increase of 7.9 percent. At €2,915 million (€1,946), the company recorded a new best figure for profit before tax. This represents a rise of 49.8 percent. Profit after tax was at €1,692 million (€1,343), up 26 percent. -Continued after the jump

In terms of vehicle sales, Audi sold 964,151 (905,188) cars in the past year, an increase of over 6.5 percent compared with the previous year. The subsidiary Lamborghini recorded 15 percent growth, selling 2,406 of its supercars during 2007.

Audi is rewarding employee performance with a performance-related profit share, which will be distributed in May. This year’s total profit-sharing bonus will amount to an average of almost €5,300 or approx $8,150 per employee. “Compared with the competition, we are in an extremely strong position with this high profit-sharing bonus and are thus once again proving our attractiveness as an employer,” Stadler said.