Ford’s European Sales Up by 5,4% in February

Drive by the redesigned Focus and the new Mondeo, Ford of Europe saw its sales increase this February to 125,500 units, up by 5.4 percent compared to February 2007. The company's European year-to-date sales (Feb 07-08) were up by 3.3 percent to 267,900 vehicles. The Focus was Ford's most popular model in February with sales totalling 32,800. This was followed by the Fiesta with sales of 24,900, while the Fusion (crossover version of the 5d Fiesta) added a further 9,950 units.

Sales of the new Mondeo increased by 66 percent to 13,370 units versus February 2007 while the Ford Ranger compact pickup truck saw its sales surge by 200 percent, to 1,760 units in February. The Transit medium commercial vehicle also went up, rising 13 percent to 15,470 units.