Rice-Racer Inspired Tuned Jaguar XF by Galpin

We’re not supporting that the 2008 XF is the most beautiful or sleek car in its category, but if anything else, the new mid-size Jag’s looks are totally acceptable. That is if you don’t opt for Galpin’s tuning proposition that turns the XF into a race-ricer inspired joke of a luxury car. And to imagine that Galpin is actually the largest Jaguar dealer in the States!

Galpin gave the XF a crude two-tone, black and red paint job combined with color matching 22-inch alloy rims, smoked tail-lamps, tinted glass and a matching two-tone colour scheme for the leather interior. A piece of advice to the fellas at Galpin; just stick to selling and servicing Jags and leave the tuning for someone with a bit of taste… -More pics after the jump

Via: Autoblog.nl