eBay: Scorched Ferrari F430 Spider for $110k

Would you be tempted to take out $110k from your bank account to acquire a semi-burnt 2007 Ferrari F430 Spider? The damage looks fixable at first sight and a new F430 Spider would actually set you back more than $200k. However, we’re talking about a Ferrari and you all know what that means when it comes to repairs – let alone the huge depreciation in value that these cars suffer after an accident. The seller, which happens to specialize in Ferrari parts, has created a list with most (not all…) of the things you’ll need to replace. The estimated cost for the parts (used and new) is around $16k but we have no idea if the prices include labor. –Continued after the jump

From eBay:

Here is a partial list of the major parts that will be needed to fix this Ferrari:

  • Right hand side radiator cage (In Stock new $1850.00)
  • Right Hand side radiator ($1850 New)
  • Right hand fender (In stock $1500 Used)
  • Right hand headlight (In Stock $1500 Used)
  • Right hand wire harness (New $475.00)
  • Right hand fender badge (In Stock New $600)
  • Bushings for right front suspension (New $450.00)
  • A/C heater unit Evaporator and wire harness (In stock $1850)
  • Front bumper (In stock $2000 Used)
  • Front bumper grill right hand side ($320.00 New)
  • Windshield ($2200 New)
  • Brake lines right front to caliper ($300 New)
  • Keys with remote ($850 New)
  • Fender liners Right hand side front ($400.00 new)
  • TOTAL $16,145

Note: This is our best guess of what the car needs it could require some other items but they would be minor.

Via: Motorpasion , Link: eBay