Audi to Unveil an-all new Model on July 16 - Can you Guess which one it'll be?

During the opening ceremony for the celebrative festivities on occasion of Audi's 100th birthday at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt on July 16, the company will unveil an all-new model in front of around 2,500 invited guests that will include German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the automaker has announced. Audi did not disclose any details on the car that it is planning to reveal, but we are aware of most of the cars that are destined to join in the German automaker's line-up in the very close future.

These include in random order, the R8 Spyder, A1 minicar, A5 / A7 Sportback, Q3 small SUV and the RS versions of the A3 and A5 Coupe. Our guess? We would probably give our vote to either the R8 Spyder or one of the Sportback models. If you happen to know something we don't, feel free to enlighten us with a comment below.